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This history doesn't go back that far, but it gives great events and accomplishes the Toiler Battalion has had.

SY 1998-1999 : All-City Staff Member C/LTC John Diaz
SY 2000-2001 : First Place Cadet Challenge Team
SY 2003-2004 : Third Place Squad (CDR: C/MSG Nidia Yanes)
SY 2004-2005 : All-City Staff Member (ACS S-5) C/LTC Anyi Magaņa
SY 2004-2005 : Third Place Company (CDR: C/LTC Anyi Magaņa)
SY 2004-2005 : Third Place Platoon (CDR: C/CPT Marvin Arias)
SY 2004-2005 : Third Place Armed DT (CDR: C/SFC Luis Paniagua)
SY 2004-2005 : Visit from LTC Chapman from Cadet Command
SY 2005-2006 : All-City Staff Members  (ACS Deputy S-3) C/LTC Marvin Arias
                                                          (ACS Alt #16) C/CPT Jeffrey Alvarado
                                                          (ACS Alt #17) C/MSG Josephine Noh
SY 2005-2006 : 15th Place Voice of Democracy Competition C/2LT Briana Catchings
SY 2005-2006 : Toiler Battalion re-earns Honor Unit with Distinction with a 99% in the Formal Inspection.
SY 2005-2006 : Third Place Armed DT (CDR: C/1LT Luis Paniagua)
SY 2006-2007 : All-City Staff Members (ACS S-5) C/LTC Jeffrey Alvarado                                                          (ACS Alt #17) C/2LT Briana Catchings
SY 2006-2007 : Third Place Armed DT (CDR : C/CPT Richard Portillo)
SY 2006-2007 : Fourth Place Un-Armed DT (CDR : C/CPT Briana Catchings)
SY 2006-2007 : Cadet Challenge 2nd Place
SY 2007-2008 : All-City Staff Members : (ACS S-3) C/LTC Veronica Becerra
                                                           (ACS Deputy S-1) C/CPT Jemima Magaņa
                                                           (ACS Alt #16) C/SFC Yesenia Carrillo
                                                           (ACS Alt #20) C/MSG Lizeth Avila
SY 2007-2008 : 1st Place All-City Squad (CDR: C/MSG Andy Alvarado)
SY 2007-2008 : (1st time) All-City Champions
SY 2008-2009 : All-City Staff Members : (ACS Deputy Colonel) C/LTC Lizeth Avila
                                                           (ACS S-1) C/MAJ Andy Alvarado
                                                           ACS Alt #8) C/2LT Christian Rodriguez
                                                           (ACS Alt #10) C/2LT Yesenia Carrillo
                                                           (ACS Alt #12) C/SFC Rocio Marrero
                                                           (ACS Alt #14) C/SFC Jesse Valle
SY 2008-2009 : Toiler Battalion maintains Honor Unit with Distinction with a 99% in the Formal Inspection.
SY 2008-2009 : 2nd Place Company (CDR: C/LTC Lizeth Avila)
SY 2008-2009 : 1st Place All-City Platoon (CDR: C/CPT Andy Alvarado)
SY 2008-2009 : 1st Place All-City Squad (CDR: CMSG Jazmine Perez)
SY 2009-2010:(ACS Deputy Colonel) C/COL Yesenia Carrillo                                              
                      (ACS S-3) C/MAJ Rocio Marrero
                      (ACS S-4) C/CPT Jesse Valle
                      (ACS Alt #14) C/SFC John Mendoza
                      (ACS Alt #19) C/SFC Dixia Aguilar

SY 1999-2000 : C/LTC Javier Barrales
SY 2000-2001 : C/CPT Rosalba Diaz
SY 2001-2002 : C/SGM Dennis Sandoval
SY 2002-2003 : C/2LT Anyi Magaņa
SY 2003-2004 : C/MAJ Peter Miranda
SY 2004-2005 : C/LTC Anyi Magaņa
SY 2005-2006 : C/LTC Marvin Arias
SY 2006-2007 : C/LTC Jeffrey Alvarado
SY 2007-2008: C/LTC Veronica Beccera
SY 2008-2009: C/LTC Lizeth Avila

C/CPT Rosalba Diaz            2001-2002
C/MAJ Peter Miranda           2002-2002
C/1LT Dennis Sandoval         2002-2003
C/2LT Karla Ramirez             2003-2003
C/LTC Anyi Magaņa              2003-2005
C/LTC Marvin Arias               2005-2006
C/LTC Jeffrey Alvarado          2006-2007
C/LTC Veronica Becerra        2007-2008
C/LTC LIzeth Avila                 2008-2009
C/COL Yesenia Carrillo          2009-2010